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Why Choose Black And White Wedding Photography? Mike Deakin is a wedding photographer based on the Wirral in Merseyside, UK and is passionate about the field of Wedding photography and the many facets that make a successful photo shoot. One of these is using black and white images.
Many decades ago a gentleman named Thomas Edison devised a way for carbon to capture dark and light images on film so that it could be transmitted to paper, and photography was born. Of course those images were not accurate and could not yet reproduce colour, so black and white wedding photography was the only option that couples had, if they could afford photography at all. And as with every other creation, scientists worked and forged to improve photography and how light was captured, so that soon colour could be transferred on film rather than merely dark and light images. For many couples black and white wedding photography became redundant as they saw colour images that were very lifelike and real and that seemed to certainly capture the events as they occured. But now cameras can capture and transfer literally thousands upon thousands of contrasting shades and hues of colors and without doubt digital and hd video has reformed this medium even more. So why, with lifelike images so readily at one's disposal, would any bride want to elect for black and white wedding photos for the wedding day?
There are a few reasons to mull over. firstly, if you don't have the clearest skin or have some wrinkles, spots, lines, acne, and other flaws (and who doesn't have these things?) you may not want photos that are quite so revealing! Even without black and white wedding photography many brides ask to have their photographer enhance their photographs and get rid of some imperfections on the faces of all their subjects. However black and white wedding photography is a little more "forgiving" than regular colour photography. It won't pick up as many of the fine points on one's face and can naturally refine skin and rub out those slight lines and other flaws. This isn't the only reason why many brides select this option however.
It's invariably advised to a bride that she should determine the elements for her wedding that will be timeless. You may look at a wedding portrait and instantly know from the fashion and hairstyles the exact year of the wedding! What's fashionable today will appear tired and even downright tacky tomorrow. On the other hand black and white wedding photography seems to give an air of timelessness to weddings. It's as if it's recalling a more romantic age, before all our modern technology and active lifestyles made everyone a part of the "rat race." For many, black and white wedding photography is romantic and traditional and adds an air of class to even the most informal of ceremonies.
Many brides presently opt for both colour and black and white wedding photography for their wedding photo package. Since alot of pictures are developed onputers rather than on film, pictures can easily go from colour to black and white without being destroyed. So talk to your photographer or, if you areplanning to take the photos, add a selection of these types of images to your portfolio.
profile/Mike-Deakin/313379>Mike Deakin

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