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Smaller, Firmer Breasts With Breast Reduction & Lift If you have this problem, you may also feel self-conscious about it. You might feel paranoid that when men look at you, all they ever see are your gigantic boobs. You may try to camouflage them by wearing loose clothing or drooping your shoulders, distorting not only your body image but also your posture! Well, fret no more. Smaller, firmer breasts are possible with breast reduction & lift surgery.
Breast reduction & lift surgery can relieve all these discomforts by correcting excessive breast weight, size and droopiness. The breast reduction procedure, also called reduction mammaplasty, gives overly top heavy body shapes better proportion while preserving those nice curves that make a woman_s bod feminine and beautiful.
Like breast augmentation, breast reduction is typically performed on women, but men suffering from abnormally enlarged breasts (gynaecomastia) may also benefit from this procedure. Women with oversized, pendulous breasts particularly gigantomastia are also perfect candidates for breast reduction & lift surgery. Gigantomastia is a rare connective tissue disorder that makes the breast balloon to over 600 grams (the average weight of one_s breasts is estimated to be around 200 grams). Studies show that gigantomastia appears to be a result of abnormal hormonal activity.
A breast reduction & lift surgery is not only restricted to reducing breast size and firming up the breasts. Some women have abnormally large areola or nipples, and the breast reduction & lift surgeon may also reduce the size of and enhance the shape of the areola.
The breast reduction & lift surgery is performed under local or general anaesthesia. As in all other cosmetic surgeries, patients are advised not to smoke two weeks prior to the breast reduction & lift procedure. Drinking strong alcoholic beverages and taking products containing Aspirin, Vitamin E or Evening Primrose oil are also a no-no. Taking Vitamin K, however, is recommended for optimal healing.
Patients generally have to take a week off work after the breast reduction & lift surgery. Strenuous activities like workouts should be avoided within four to five weeks after the procedure.
A major deciding factor for successful breast reduction & lift surgery is your choice of a surgeon. It is extremely important to choose one that you can trust. Pick one with stellar medical training and experience to perform your breast reduction & lift surgery.
profile/Anania-Jewellers/152951>Anania Jewellers

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