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Affiliate Marketing War Machine Review - Legit or Scam?

Affiliate Marketing War Machine Review - Legit or Scam?

Product Description Mike McMillan is the creator of the Affiliate Marketing War Machine. He teaches about dominating Google with your pre-sell pages. He has mastered the skill of getting his pages on the front page of Google. He took the time to learn how to manage his time more effectively and learned how to master the skill of getting all his pre-sell pages on the first page of Google.
Detailed Overview Mike McMillan mastered the skill of getting any pre-sell page on the front page of Google without spending any money. He not only teaches about getting top place on Google, but he also teaches about organization. He includes a lot of information and informative guides with the purchase. It looks like a needed tool that many people may not have thought of having to not only learn how to get better placement to increase sales but also about how to be organized. When you start marketing anything online, there is a lot to be aware of. It looks like Mike fills in major gaps that people didn't even think about before getting started online promoting whatever product or affiliate program. What you will receive with The Affiliate Marketing War Machine: MODULE (I) Introduction: Setting Up Your Materials - 17 pages, 2.1Meg PDF file MODULE (II) Master Notebook Pages - 19 pages, 204k PDF file MODULE (III) Individual Product Promotion Pages - 11 pages, 168k PDF file MODULE (IV) Master Notebook Instructions - 8 Pages, 124k PDF file MODULE (V) Individual Product Folder Instructions - 6 Pages, 508k PDF file MODULE (VI) The Affiliate Marketing War Machine - 20 Pages, 380k PDF file Also including.. • His Fundamental Theorem Of Google Domination • How To Steal Your Competitor's Back-Links • 10 Must Have SEO Techniques • High-Octane Back-Linking • Leveraging The Power Of Your Adversaries • Stealing The Super-Affiliates Opt-In Lists (Legally) In Short, The Planner Will Help You... (A) Get top Google rankings for your pre-sell pages (B) Organize every aspect of your affiliate marketing campaigns • SERP leeching pages • favorite feeders • Clickbank sure-fire product selector • product launch promotion organizer • EZA niche finder • social book marking logins • opt-in bonus organizer • misc. login organizer • RSS aggregator submission organizer • email account logins • web hosting account info organizer • domain name data sheet • your own products data organizer • affiliate product organizer • article directory login data sheet • money page charting log • favorite feeders checklist • feeders for money pages • article marketing research guide • video postings log sheet • forum marketing organizer • social bookmarking data page • back-linking organizer There is a lot of information included in the package. He has also included several bonus products. The price is very reasonably priced. I can see why the product is called Affiliate Marketing War Machine as he teaches you to fight a war and win! The website is impressive.
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