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Whale Watching at Cape May New Jersey - A Great Vacation and Travel Destination

Whale Watching at Cape May New Jersey - A Great Vacation and Travel Destination

If you plan on visiting New Jersey you will definitely want to go whale watching on the Cape May! You will need to bring a hat and your camera and then board the Cape May Whale Watcher. The 100 foot long boat will escort you to a great viewing area of humpback and fin back whales. You will also get a great view of the Cape May peninsula and see birds, dolphins, and more. This is truly an experience of a lifetime and one you don_t want to miss. There are even lighthouse and dinner cruises available, depending on who will be going on the cruise. The boat sails from the Miss Chris Marina in Cape May, New Jersey. The address is 2nd Ave. and Wilson Drive. They may be contacted at 800-786-5445 or 609-884-5445. Cruises are open from March until December and there are three trips per day. Kids who are under the age of six are free with a paying adult. The trips start at 10 am with a two hour dolphin watch. Then, at 1 pm there is a three hour whale and dolphin watch. At 6:30 pm there is a two hour dolphin watchbined with a dinner cruise. The dolphin watch with dinner cruise only operates Memorial Day until Labor Day, however. There are few experiences as amazing as seeing a whale or dolphin in their natural habitat. It is truly an experience of a lifetime and one you won_t soon forget. If you are planning a trip to Cape May or anywhere in the vicinity then you will want to be sure to make plans to go out on the Cape May whale watcher. It is fun for the whole family. There is a website that has great information on USA Vacations and Unique Travel Spots Listed State By State and Season, the website is called: Seasonal Vacation Spots, and can be found at this url: seasonalvacationspots seasonalvacationspots By Robert W. Benjamin You may publish this article in your ezine, newsletter, or on your web site as long as it is reprinted in its entirety and without modification except for formatting needs or grammar corrections.
Robert W. Benjamin has been in the software business on the internet for over 8 years, and has been producing low-cost software for numerous years. He first released public domain products on the AMIGA and C64puter systems in the late 1970's-80's. Unknown Creatures unknown-creatures unknown-creatures

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