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Possible Ways To End The Arab-israeli Conflict: The indecisive nature of Israel is the main reason behind the Arab _Israel conflicts. Though Israel wants to settle the conflicts with the Arabs at any cost, it wants to expand its territories at the expense of the Arabs. The policies of the Israel Government have frightened the Arabs. The Jewish Oscillation is the most prominent factor, that is responsible for the Arab Israel conflict Wars.
Most of the Israelis claim that they do not have any intention to threaten the Arabs. However, the perception of the Arabs about Israel_s intention of increasing the conflicts, remain a huge obstacle in the way of Arab Israel conflict resolution. There are some possible ways to end the war. Israel must specify its political objectives clearly. The Arab countries believe that Israel is an volatile, yet powerful enemy. Hence, Israel should try to follow a predictable policy in resolving the Arab Israeli conflicts.
Jewish Vacillation damages the reliability of Israel. The Israel officials need to stop stating their Arab Israel conflict views publicly. This is important because, if their private views are different from the policies of Israel Government, it would delay the Arab Israel conflict resolution. The officials need to leave the issues to the Government and help to solve the conflicts peacefully.
Israel thinks about only the two possible cases- Arab Israeli conflict peace and Israel keeping the territories of Palestine. Yet there are some middle options, which can help to resolve these issues. In the past thirty years Arab Israel conflict history, most of the Arabs did not claim a Palestine state. However, now most of the common people understand who have some awareness about the Arab Israeli conflict agree to the Palestine state. Hence, Israel must try to solve the conflict either by offence and defense or by peaceful measures like offering territorial concessions for the Palestinians. It is important to take any of the two decisions and it should stop wavering.
It is an accepted fact that delayed military solution makes the Arab Israel conflict wars much worse. The Arab Israel conflicts in 1880, 1947, 1948, 1956 and 2000 showed that this issue require some harsher solutions. The coexistence of Israel with the native Arabs was possible in the past. However, it is not at all possible now. Israel and the United States have given the hope of own state to the Palestine Arabs.
Israel Government needs to stop panicking the neighboring countries. They should not try to threaten the Arabs. If they decide to select the aggressive course in the Middle East conflict, they need to establish an Arab Israeli conflict timeline and proceed immediately. Delaying the aggression would increase the cost of defeating the Arabs.
This is an Arab Israeli conflict article, which intends that Israel must either give concession to the Palestine Arabs by giving their territory or destroy the settlements in Palestine and send them to any distant places. The Palestine settlements should not be exiled to the refugee camps in any of the neighboring Arab countries, as this would perpetuate the Arab Israeli conflict wars again.
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